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Brit Floyd - The Pink Floyd Tribute Show - Discovery Tour 2014

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Rick's Blog - Tales from Keyboard World

Published: 26 June 2012
Written by Rick Benbow

Brit Floyd - Rick BenbowHello to everyone!

We're just coming to the end of our UK tour and before we break for the summer and take a deep breath before our biggest European tour so far, I thought I'd tell you a little about Keyboard World.

It's that place at the back of the stage far-right that you can glimpse between three or four stunning choreographed songsters. It's the place our treasured saxophonist passes behind with barely a backwards glance as he skips to work to make Money. It's the place furthest from Arrantown and Bobsville, but thankfully well connected by earnest glances and enthusiastic grins during the most energetic songs. It's the place that will occasionally get serious attention from Director Damian should a stray squeak or rumble escape the regular soundscape. And it's such a lonely place the only person who ever visits is Ian who likes to pop over for tea in the synth solo during Run Like Hell, but he NEVER takes his coat off...


Brit Floyd - Rick BenbowKeyboard world has two permanent inhabitants – myself and The Esteemed Rob Stringer (miss you Robster!). Some of you have been lucky enough to see us both play together for some of the larger shows and we get to trundle out our caravans and travel to the other side of the stage for The Classic Rock Show. Sometimes Travel Angel will sneak in. For any of you who follow me on Facebook, Travel Angel is my small pink mascot chosen for my two young children. She comes on tour with me and gets her picture taken in lots of exciting places (including getting up to no good on stage occasionally). When I return home, we all look at the pictures together and it's a way they can feel in touch with Dad when he is away.

Tours are demanding but always great fun. I'm writing this from Blackpool and last night Damian, Bobby, Carl and I took the opportunity of a night off to take a post-curry peregrination down to the beach to watch the sunset which was magnificent. Tonight we play the Opera House so this is one of those rare mornings I get a hotel room and time to write this blog.

We have several dates left and it's always encouraging to hear the personal thoughts of you, our fans, after each show. I can assure you the band does read all the well-wishes and useful comments you send to the Forum and Facebook, and some of you even get replies! As someone who grew up with Pink Floyd and heard all the albums from Meddle onwards as they were released and felt their musical impact, it is a privilege and a joy to be part of a team that does its best to recreate that magic and communicate it to new (and old) audiences. We are lucky to be playing a big show at Clumber Park Classic Rock on 17th August alongside some bands I have long admired, especially Focus who I credit with singlehandedly converting me to Rock music from my classical roots. Strawbs, Hawkwind, Curved Air and Carl Palmer are also billed so it should be a wonderful show, but if you can't make that we still have a number of dates up and down the country over the rest of June and some of July.

Sorry – what's that? Oh, seems I have to tell you about my new website and my new trainers too. Well I don't have a website but some nice people have posted some youtube clips of the album I was part of and am most proud of. Here is one link: Simon Warner - Waiting Rooms

And I bought a pair of socks back in March.

So, signing out with the urge to say something hip and cool like "Shine On, y'all", but instead: "Farewell and Godspeed from the inhabitants of Keyboard World...." hmmm, this is beginning to sound very 'Game of Thrones'. But that's another story...