Brit Floyd - The Pink Floyd Tribute Show - Discovery Tour 2014
Brit Floyd - The Pink Floyd Tribute Show - The World's Greatest Pink Floyd Show
Brit Floyd - The Pink Floyd Tribute Show - Discovery Tour 2014

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Ramblings of a Webmaster

Published: 05 August 2011
Written by Nick Cassidy


From Liverpool’s launch show at the Echo Arena on January 22 to London’s magnificent O2 Arena this week and 36 more dates in between, Brit Floyd is truly up and running as the best Pink Floyd Show in the world (well, Rog’s tour might have a shot at that title, but nobody else comes close!).

As the britfloyd.com webmaster, it has been an privilege to play a small part in this extraordinary show, which for a brand new band has received unprecedented feedback from audiences everywhere. Some of the comments from facebook, emails and the website:

  • “You have quite literally taken Pink Floyd off the ventilator and brought the entire concept back to full health.”
  • “How things have changed and changed for the better.”
  • “Just want to say a big thank you for a tremendous performance last night at the O2 Arena. It was worth every penny spent! Magnificent!”
  • “110% perfection.”

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Ola's Blog

Published: 21 March 2011
Written by Ola Bienkowska

Over the last three months, I've been practically living in studios. I've done some BV recordings for Universal Music Polska act ELLIE - her album is due in May, and looks like there are some festival gigs lined up for the summer, so watch this space. Also, I've had the pleasure of joining some fine coleagues of mine in recording the Polish version of the soundtrack for the animated film "RIO" (out April 8th). Looks like a lot of fun, so go see it! And the very first UK BRIT FLOYD tour is coming up in a months time - hope to see you at one of the gigs.

My own album is almost recorded (albeit slightly off schedule thanks to a big shot star taking over the life of the wonderful engineer I've been working with, and some unfortunate winter throat problems), and I'm just a few vocal sessions away from closing this chapter. In case you haven't seen them yet, have a look at my recording video diaries for behind the scenes footage. Next up, mixes and mastering.

My own little slice of the web - www.olabienkowska.com - will be up and running on April 10th, first in it's basic form and I'm expecting a full launch in June. The lovely folks at OMdesign London are hard at work and I can't wait to see the results! There will be lots of new music, photos and video up there so don't miss it!

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As 2010 Draws To A Close

Published: 12 December 2010
Written by Emily Jollands

The British Pink Floyd Show - Emily JollandsWell, what a year it has been. Nearing the close of 2010, we are out from under the Aussie umbrella and standing in the sunshine. After tears, tours and turbulence, we will end the year looking forwards, enthusiastic about the future and awaiting the launch of Brit Floyd in January 2011.

It has been a time of real change, energy and stepping out of the comfort zone for us over the last few months; from our fabulously edgy show in Hamburg in the summer, right through to hitting the States with what is now our full Brit Floyd lineup, we have worked, adapted and really begun to flourish. The group of musicians, all of whom have worked for the Aussies at some point over the years, have taken something very familiar to us all and started to re-ignite it; the show has taken on a new, more organic feel, with each individual musician going back to basics and building their parts in their own way. Putting it all together, with the fabulously capable Damian as Musical Director, it has been an interesting journey. There were moments in Hamburg when the girls and I were struggling to recognise certain songs - they had been rejuvenated, and sounded, well, different, and if it hadn’t been for Damian playing his familiar lines we would have been lost! The feeling of uncertainty, I must add, was temporary, and kept us on our toes; it also gave us a fresh take on a show that we had performed so many times previously, and we could find new joy in the music.

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