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TOPIC: Brighton Gig

Re: Brighton Gig 7 years 11 months ago #808

I was at the Brighton Centre last night with my family and we also saw the Aussies last month at the Dome. After the show we all agreed that whilst both shows are fantastic and well worth any self-respecting Pink Floyd fans Money and Time (pun intended), the Brit's had the edge overall musically, while the Aussies had a superior light show.
If the Brit's had the full setup of lasers it would have been no contest, is it true that the lasers were absent due to the ticket sales not covering the cost of hiring them? I'm sure I read that somewhere.. real shame if that the case.

The only thing I would question is the choice of "Nobody Home" over the likes of "Money" and "Sorrow" in what was supposed to be a greatest hits selection.

The lights where fine for us in the South Balcony but I can appreciate that they may have been a bit extreme for the people in the front few rows.
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Re: Brighton Gig 7 years 10 months ago #814

Great enjoyable show..... shame about the brighton centre seating arrangements
Got to go see again
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Re: Brighton Gig 7 years 10 months ago #817

  • Pete
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Graphics - what graphics ?
The search lights totally obliterated them most of the time - like staring into the sun. Once the lights were aimed higher by the time your eyes got adjusted they were back on full power ! I understand there was some sort of video projection behind the set but from the expensive seats this was a bit of a joke and a waste of energy as it had no desireable effect whatsoever. The music was brilliant so I'm not disappointed.
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Re: Brighton Gig 7 years 10 months ago #821

  • Greenfloyd
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Nick wrote:
In the interests of putting some perspective on the earlier review of the Brighton show in this topic, between the posts on facebook, this forum and emails to the website there have so far been 215 positive messages of support and approval since the tour started, including these about the same show:

"Superb show in Brighton tonight"

"Have just come back from show in Brighton, was absolutely awesome!!!! Roll on the next one. :-))"

"What a fantastic show :-)"

In contrast, there have been 2 negative reviews, both by posters who have used this forum to promote another Pink Floyd tribute band.

Some other comments posted on facebook about the UK tour:

"... not only one of the best tribute concerts I've been to but one of the best concerts I've been to full stop!

"Amazing gig, loved every minute!"

"I went to see you at the Albert Hall last night for my birthday and I LOVED it, you guys absolutely rocked!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!"

"They are epic!"

"I Cant put in to words how incredible you all were!!"

"AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -)"

Is there really any need for counter posts on critisism?
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Re: Brighton Gig 7 years 10 months ago #825

  • gerald_mouse
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Hi folks

Some of you may remember me from the Aussie's old blue forum and of course on Nick's forum.
First and foremost I am a fan of Pink Floyd..and like Carl, born and bred in the home of Syd, Roger & David, the fine city of Cambridge.

I have stood back from the petty pathetic mud slinging on the forums that has gone on since the split. I also have not, and never will, take sides. I have friends in both bands and have made many friends with like minded fans along the way too. I did not get to see the Aussies this time around, but fully intend to. Fine musicians who are I am sure still putting on as fine a show as you will see.

But equally so are Brit Floyd. We can rejoice that we are spoilt for choice! I saw Brit Floyd at the RAH last week, fantastic stuff, a truly brilliant gig. I also went to Ipswich on Saturday night. Although it was a smaller show, no lasers, no Amy or a second keys player, but still stunning.

From my seat at the RAH I was right next to Bobby, almost on the stage, a fantastic view. But I must agree that at Ipswich, about dead centre in the stalls, the spotlights were far too bright at times. The brightest I have witnessed at near on 50 Aussie or Brit gigs over many years. I too struggled to see what was on the screen at times as the bright white light obliterated everything.

I took some friends to Ipswich who had never seen Floyd performed live. Very impressed but they all said the spots were far too bright and a bit off putting.

But they'll be back I'm sure..just working out which shows I will go to next, both Brits and Aussies!
It's the Floyd that counts.
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Re: Brighton Gig 7 years 10 months ago #830

  • cevor
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gerald_mouse! So good to see you here and the level thoughts are much welcome. I've echoed your thought on the general things as I'm across the pond and haven't seen either band in their new configuration yet. "It's all about the Floyd", yes indeed it is! My opinion remains that we're twice as lucky now to have two fabulous tributes touring the world for all of us to enjoy. The silliness going on between fans from each side disappoints me, especially accusations of false posting, etc.. Why is it hard to believe some people like BritFloyd better than The Aussies? I have no trouble at all supporting my friends in each band, it's the misguided fans that have made me ignore The Aussies forum, but I certainly won't ignore the band! I very much want both to succeed and carry on keeping the tradition alive. I'm waiting patiently here in the states for both bands to cross the pond and share their new shows with all of us. To the many fans the toughest part will be "Wait, I thought you guys were Aussie Floyd!" and "Aussie Floyd with actual Aussies!" B)
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