Brit Floyd - The Pink Floyd Tribute Show - Discovery Tour 2014
Brit Floyd - The Pink Floyd Tribute Show - The World's Greatest Pink Floyd Show
Brit Floyd - The Pink Floyd Tribute Show - Discovery Tour 2014

Gareth Darlington

Sound Designer and Front of House Engineer

Brit Floyd - Gareth Darlington

Where and when were you born?

Crewe, Cheshire, England. 1977.

When and how did you get into the music industry?

I'm the youngest of 3 brothers and 2 sisters, 5 of us being musicians. When I was about 4, my mother caught me banging out the theme tune from 'The Wombles' on my brothers keyboard and said something along the lines of "Oh s**t! Not another one..." And so I started my inevitable journey into the euphonious and strangely compelling world of music. I trained as a classical pianist at the age of 10, then picked up the guitar, and finally ended up learning the Violin. I always had a keen interest in computers as well as music, and ended up combining the two and learned how to work with DAW's (Cubase/Logic etc.). I started performing in bands and mixing in my late teens. Then finally I got into live sound professionally, and found it to be a natural progression from the studio.

Tell us about some of your previous projects.

In 1995, I co-formed a Celtic/folk/rock band called “Chew The Roots” and had a lot of fun and success gigging around the Irish pubs and clubs in the UK for a number of years. In 1998 I began working with the Australian Pink Floyd Show doing various audio programming/sequencing and sound production jobs, FOH mixing and keyboard tech'ing. From 2005 I started working for them as their FOH sound engineer full time. I've also done various session work over the years as a fiddle player and lent my hand to mixing live and studio recordings and producing a few albums. I mixed a couple of concert DVD's for the Aussie Floyd as well. Also had the pleasure to mix John Martyn's last concert DVD from the Roundhouse in London before he passed away. In between touring i play acoustic guitar and violin in a band called “Acoustic Unlimited” along side my brother Damian.

What gear do you tour with?

With Brit Floyd I primarily tour with a Yamaha PM5D mixing console, favouring D&B's J-Series Line array. I tend to stick with B2's for the subs. They really add great weight and punch to the mix and make your trousers flap from 500 yards away. I run the mixing desk via Studio Manager on my laptop which is VNC'd to a wireless tablet so I can walk the room in the sound check and tweak the system EQ and mix from different perspectives which works great. EAW Smart 6 with a DBX RTA-M mic for analyzing the room. Sennheiser HD25 mk II Headphones. A rubber chicken (optional).  4 pack of Newcastle Brown Ale (for after the show of course).